Terms & Conditions

Copyright & Use of aspireDM and aspireCP Information policy.

aspireDM Project, Service and Sector Imagery, brochures and process documents, along with their content, are subject to copyright law as they fall under the category of artistic work under the Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988.

aspireDM and aspireCP own the copyright of each document as the author of this material.

It is an infringement of copyright for another person to copy any aspireDM work, distribute copies, lend or rent copyrighted work to another, or to adapt that work without the explicit permission of aspireDM.

It is also a breach of copyright for a third party/Consultant, to reproduce or reformat copies of documents and drawings knowing or having reason to believe that such copies are an infringement of our copyright.

In some circumstances a license to use aspireDM project documents may be granted to the client subject to conditions being:

• aspireDM to agree to the granting of a license and the client to sign to confirm the information will be used for the intended purpose.

• The client can only use the license for the purpose intended and aspireDM are not liable for any modifications by others to the information.