Land Assembly Strategies

We work closely with our clients to understand your needs and develop the most appropriate land assembly strategy for each project.

This could be High street or town centre improvements, delivery of new housing, estate redevelopment or infrastructure projects large and small.

Our partners have led and set the land acquisition and delivery strategy for over 30 compulsory purchase projects. The success of our approach is evidenced by delivering over £1bn of compensation to within an average of 1% of budget, with possession secured on time for more than one thousand properties.

Target Acquisition

Our approach is to target acquisition by agreement, backed up by a credible threat of CPO powers and drawing on experience of previous projects.

Through early and open engagement with all residents, businesses and investors, we will identify the risks and develop mitigation strategies in areas such as equalities impacts on protected groups.

We develop land assembly policies tailored to clients’ needs and the characteristics of affected parties so that all interests receive a clear offer as well as understanding how we will deal with professional fees, potential cases of hardship and mitigating associated construction impacts.