Project Galleria, Copenhagen

Tristan Capital Partners

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Leonard Design Architects

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Client Monitor

Tristan Capital Partners and Solstra Capital Partners, a Danish private equity investor, are creating a new regional shopping hub in Copenhagen to attract a new retail experience to the Danish market.

This retail development, located in the Vanlose district of Copenhagen is adjacent to the main metro and rail stations that provide public transport links to the centre of the Danish capital, the city’s international airport and the neighbouring districts of Grendel, Flintholm and Bronshoj.

Vanlose has undergone rapid gentrification since the metro station opened in 2002 and the new shopping centre will create a much needed convenience-oriented service to a community that lacks a strong local retail offer.

We are delivering a Development Monitoring role on behalf of Tristan Capital Partners and our principal responsibility is to ensure the project is being managed by the Danish JV partner in an effective and efficient way and that reporting is clear to Tristan Investors. Key roles include assessing the appraisal, reconciliation of budget and programme, recording progress on site, ensuring reporting and deadlines are met, and challenging all aspects of the development process.

We have brought UK development experience, rigour and governance to this development since our introduction. aspireDM has worked hard to build relationships with local stakeholders to ensure there is clarity across the project, deadlines and milestones are realistic, and risks are effectively reported and mitigated.

aspireDM provided significant input into the expansion of the development envelope to allow for the introduction of 120 residential units above the existing consented shopping centre which has brought significant value to the investment portfolio.